jellobiafrascat (jellobiafrascat) wrote,

Some things.

Dallas crew is on their way from Dallas to Austin at this very minute to come hang out and chat with me about the last weekend's issues and future projects.

I've spent most of the last few days in and out of coffee shops working on budgets and script breakdown sheets.

Currently writing a theatrical trailer for the video game, Paperboy. Think if Wes Anderson made a quirky suspense thriller. I'm doing this on purpose. Also, this writes itself.

Also trying to restructure a short I'm working on about a president during nuclear winter. Oh I'm a fun sort, right?

Still can't believe this past weekend, but from the ashes arise new folks I enjoyed working with and a strengthened bond among those I have worked with in the past. I've gotten many emails of support and a phone call from the sound guy stating: "DON'T EVER TAKE $100 A DAY EVER AGAIN FOR AD WORK. THAT IS A HOBBIEST'S PAY AND YOU ARE NO HOBBIEST. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY FOR YOU. ASK FOR WHAT YOU'RE WORTH." Thank you sound guy!

Hopefully meeting with Adam tonight for a light dinner and some talk of scripts, projects, and life's miscellany. Always a good time!

Snugglefest with the shy boy last night and bad movies and REAL TALK. I love getting to know him, he's a fascinating creature, definitely has not lived a boring life, and it's amazing how the venn diagram of our lives intersect so well. I have no clue if this will go anywhere. Do I want it to go somewhere? Yes, of course. I'm a sucker for awkward, especially adorable awkward, and his redeeming qualities more than make up for the insecurities he exhibits (we all have them! God, I'm queen of this). I know he was scared before, but I'm hoping he's looking at this as a chance to get to know me and possibly give this potential thing we have another go-round when he's feeling comfortable. I'm ok with that. Hell, I'm just ok with having him in my life. It's nice to have someone who can relate to me in my social ineptitude. Even if it doesn't end up going anywhere, I will consider it a victory to not scare him the fuck away. PS - he's a total doll.

Short band practice tonight as well. Jeeeeeze, shove everything into Saturday night.

Work tomorrow. Got some projects coming up that promise some good pay with this guy Glenn. Possibly shooting some sports again. Fingers crossed.

Always working on Douglas. Always.

Just dropped off a project I was trying to edit due to serious complications with P2 footage wrapped as .mxf files and a bad directory structure that I could not change due to a previous editor's idiocy. This sucks, I feel wicked bad, the director's pissed at me, but these things happen and I don't know what else to say. I think I'm going to stay away from being hired for editing gigs for a while. The last two things I've tried to do editing wise outside of Intervention have really made me rethink any sort of love I've had for editing. I am only a cutter and nothing more and I wish that is all that is expected of me, but people want me to be a compositor and a color corrector and a sound editor and a graphics editor and a DVD masterer as well and I'm just not those things. Le sigh. I used to love editing.

What else? It's been in the 80's all week and SXSW is coming up REAL SOON.

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