jellobiafrascat (jellobiafrascat) wrote,

another chapter.

Here is I:

-Got hired to be first assistant director on a low budget indie feature shooting this June. Day job is letting me take the time off to do this. Getting paid a good chunk. The producer seems insanely cool and they're hiring a locations manager that I've been working with already for Lost in Sunshine, so all in all a good thing!

-Also meeting with another producer tomorrow night about ADing on a comedic short.

-Currently in pre-pro for a short film that I am director of photography for (I KNOW. WEIRD.)

-Editing a feature film for the same guy I'm DPing for

-Working on the Eating Chili & Showering music video

-Have written 22 pages so far for the Script Frenzy, in which I have to write at least a 100 page screenplay in 30 days. FINALLY getting Faith & Revelation done. First draft anyway. This is a fantastic way to discipline oneself into getting the first draft of anything done.

-Mr. Paul's moving to LA, which means the likeliness of us working together again in the near future just shot up by like 50%.

-been hanging out with my friend Brian a lot. He confuses me. And worries me. But having a long DUDE SERIOUS with him about some of his social issues made things between us... suddenly... awesome? I don't know. I can't even speculate anymore. He's a damn good cuddle.

-SXSW - um... what the hell can I say? it's taken me weeks to even think about posting here about it. Fireworks, tacos, drama, metal bands, chili & showering, south congress, biking, metallica at stubb's, cute boys, my ARKANSAS BOY coming out to play some shows. It was nuts but I kept myself mostly together and saw some great bands in the process.

I think I've finally hit a point where the pain of what happened re: douglas has finally been numbed to a point where its no longer controlling my fears and confidence level. I no longer feel like I don't belong in the exclusive secret society of filmmakers. It's taken me a long time and a lot of soul searching to get to this point in my life. I'm also feeling completely comfortable in this city.

I think I can call myself an Austinite now.

Boston, I'm looking at you in July. Miss you guys dearly...

signing the fuck off.
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