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Dear LJ Lovelies,

For the past few weeks, I have been buried in a filmmaking contest called the Filmmaker Frenzy, sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre in Austin, TX. This is a quarterly film contest with a different theme each time. This time around, the theme was "Pimp My TV", which is where we make fake trailers for TV shows as if they were going to be feature films.

My friend Georgia & I decided to do Intervention: the Movie. It was shot on the HVX (although you wouldn't know it through the shitty youtube encoding) and stars a bunch of our good friends.

Here it is:

And here's where you can VOTE FOR IT

And here's the credits list:

Director: Michelle Millette
Producer: Georgia Young
Writers: Georgia Young, Michelle Millette, Samantha Pitchell, James Patrick Robinson
Camera: Casey Dehlinger
Boom Mic: Brett Hamann, Brian Sullivan
Sound & Graphics: Brett Hamann

James Patrick Robinson - "Patrick"
Erin Fleming - "Lesbian Wingman"
Michael Foulk - "Angry Michael"
Georgia Young - "Gay Stepsister"
Samantha Pitchell - "Female Student #1" & Party Girl Tina
Brian Sullivan - "Pissed Off Neighbor #2"
Nolan Fellows - "The Movie Date"
Colby James Faulkner - "Fred Durst Guy"
Brett Hamann - "Guy That Drops His Fork"

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