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To Do List #38572392

Yeah, I haven't been updating lately. I have a day job to pay the bills and have been editing a promo for a feature film on top of that. So I have a list of things starting to pile up:

-Bio for Jentri's grant application (I'm line producer and 1st AD on her feature film shooting next year)
-locations scheduling for Lost in Sunshine (Jentri's movie)
-Application for grant for Douglas. - not going into this further. I don't want to jinx anything. doing this over the weekend.
-Get new light for bike. Sick of duct taping the one I have on. Will check craigslist.
-clean room. yeah, we'll see when that happens
-make stills and demo from promo footage I shot two weekends ago.
-update my craigslist blog (
-call Greg, DP for Jentri's movie, get package quotes.
-watch matt's dvd (sorry dude, I've been insanely busy and have a big editing project this month I need to get through first)

ongoing shit:
-practice bass (weekend)
-business proposal
-working on new screenplay
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